Nicole Conradt’s New Beginnings 2015



 Welcome to my blog.  My blog was started to live my dreams.  I will write about my accomplishments, successes, struggles, and challenges. There will be days of feeling a variety of feelings, joy, disappointment, anxiousness, embarrassment, contentment, confusion, happiness, peace, and sadness. And I am sure there will others to experience fully. Our paths in life are never written in stone.  I know my life has never been because I thrive on adventure and passion.  My only true job in my life is to be who I really am and do what I love. Sometimes it may feel it’s written in stone especially when we feel that we are stuck in a rut.  I have learned the hard way, to change is to change our perception.  And then taking action creates the change.  When I was younger, I use to almost always ask myself, WHY is this happening?  This question arised especially when I felt alone and unsupported.  Guess what??  It wasn’t answered, at least that is what I thought.  I realized as maturity grew, everything does happen for a reason whether we like it or not. I learned it happened because our minds and emotions transformed it.  And that is a whole another story of how I did this which details will be written in a different blog.  Being a woman in this decade has it’s perk and challenges.  But this day of age, I feel, people have forgotten to know how to really listen and spend quality time together.  I hope to write theses blogs to inspire and support others.  As well express what my eyes experience in this world.  Thank you for your support and for just being YOU!  Being you is just what is needed to accomplish your dreams and goals!  My new adventures has begun!

Also I wanted to mention cherished names of family, friends, and people who have inspired me to write my blog:  My parents, my mom who is an avid reader, my dad who spends his time daily repairing and building something electrical. And Maragret Lynch, Brad Yates, Carol Tuttle, Marie Forleo, Martha Stewart, Giada De Laurentis, Ms T Lioness, Gabriel Aubry, Ashton Kutcher, Kevina Schleicher, Bill Brintlinger, Melissa Fisher, Mega Mind, Courtney Louise, Judy Hevenly, Kate Conradt, Bonnie Belknap, Josh Stern. You all have touched my soul.  Thank you for your sincere love, inspiration, laughter, and support!


“The end is simply the beginning of an even longer story.”  -Zadie Smith

Unrequited Love


20150218_223055-1This is a sensitive topic for me, one that I usually don’t talk much about or even openly.  I have been asked by several friends why haven’t I been married before.  Then my answer was I never wanted to.  Now my answer is I haven’t met my true love yet.  There were a few in past who I thought could of been but no.  I am not sure if there is any other woman or man who has been in love and not loved in return.  I am not writing this from disappointment or loneliness.  But from a feeling of hope.  I realize every relationship in my past has taught me valuable lessons in love.  i will mention a few men in my past.  There was one man, I will call him D, who I was involved with for a decade taught me the life lesson of detachment.  Detachment was the most difficult lesson in matters of the heart.  But I am most grateful for this emotional lesson.  Also I was in a relationship with man who I loved dearly, he was my closest friend and lover.  I will call him Los Angeles A.  Sincerely, I will never forget how much support and love I felt with and from him.  I hope after all this time, he can say he appreciated me.  And thank you Los Angeles A.  It’s interesting how fast time flies when your life is blissful.  Growing up in the Midwest, I thought marriage and family was something that happens automatically and naturally.  I never knew if it was for me then.  I knew then the world offered me adventure and dreams.  But today, I never knew how much relationships are plain and simply just work.  And not always difficult work but realizing if we want it, it has to be a priority.  And I mean what ever level of the relationship is, friends, close friends, lovers, committed relationship, life partner, and spouse.  Through all these trials of love lessons so far in my life, I still want to be the man who loves me for me, unconditionally and deeply.  My romantic soul believes, I will meet the man who will show up and teach me why the others never worked out.  It will be true bliss and magic.



20150122_172401-1All I can do is sigh of relief while silently shouting to myself  “YEAH” for working on writing my cookbook this afternoon and part of the evening.  The mixed feelings of happiness and excitement I feel flutter in my stomach. Almost the same feelings of what you feel during the beginning of a new love and romance.  Little butterflies….flutter flutter…… I am amazed how much of my creativity it shown in my writing today.  I imagine a beautiful sea blue and fuchsia colored hot hair balloon soaring over the Rocky Mountains.  The sunset would be beaming with oranges and reds in the distance.  I still have severals recipes to write.  And I cannot forget the snapshots of photos I will take of my food. I want my photos to inspire you to entertain while using your imagination. Then create wonderful memories with your family and friends. Positive memories of happiness and love shared with others.  I hope then you will capture the moment with photos while you are entertaining and eating.


NC’s Fiesty Guacamole



This is one of my most popular appetizers which always bring friends and family together.  This simple recipe pairs great with any choice of tortilla chips, eggs, on a slice of toast, or even added to your favorite sandwich.  Serves 2 – 4 people

1 large ripe avocado

2 heaping tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro

3 scallions thinly chopped

1 roma tomato

1/2 teaspoon of minced jalapeno pepper (remove seeds if wanting less spice)

1 teaspoon of sriracha sauce

juice from 1 fresh lime

lime zest

2 pinches of salt

1 pinch of fresh cracked pepper


cutting board

chef Knife

2 small bowls


large spoon

microplane grater zester


Thinly chop your scallions and place in a small bowl.  Add your salt on top of your chopped scallions.  Zest your lime and aside on the side of your cutting board which you will add it at the end.  Only zest the green and not the the white part of the peel.  Cut your lime in half.  Squeeze one half of the lime juice on your onion and salt.  Stir and sit the bowl aside.  Cut your avocado in half, remove seed, and cut your avocado in large dice pieces.  Place it to a separate small bowl and lightly mash it with your fork.  Mince your jalapeno pepper.  Chop your cilantro.  Chop your tomato into small dices.  Add the jalapeno pepper, cilantro, and tomato to your avocado.  Lightly stir once.  Combine the ingredients of the two bowls together.  Lightly stir.  Add your sriracha, cracked pepper, and lime zest.  Squeeze the juice remaining half of the lime on the quacamole.  Stir lightly.  Add and eat on your favorite vice.  Enjoy!



DSC_0125I’ve had a numerous amount of people asking about how I make my livelihood. I make my living off my hands, for basically my whole life so far.  I was a professional chef for many years, cooking and baking professionally in restaurants, and in homes privately.  I even waited tables on and off years ago. Currently I do not cook professionally in restaurants anymore.  Though I still am hired sometimes to cook privately in homes, cater for small parties, and to teach cooking classes on my free time. And for the past seven years and still going a professional hand model in Los Angeles.  My hands have been seen in many national commercials.  I have worked with a few A list celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Avril Lavigne.  Being a successful hand model and the top knife hand skills model for Body Parts Models has opened me up to my creative endeavors.  It has lead me to meeting unique and interesting people.  And It has brought me more joy and laughter.  These exciting experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world.  My next book will be about hand modeling.

Currently my website is being rebranded

Last year August of 2014, I was recruited by a Gannet Media Recruiter.  In September I was offered a “Multimedia Sales Specialist” position which specializes in advertising and marketing restaurants for Local Flavor.  The only digital, internet, and magazine advertisement for local restaurants.  This transition has been exciting, challenging, and rewarding because I have not worked in the advertising or marketing career.  I enjoy working with restaurants and helping them be more successful with Local Flavor.  The rush I receive now is knowing that I helped with writing and choosing photos for their ad AND the restaurant gained even more customers and profit from it!!  $$Gold Stars$$   Webinar, calls, appointments, bonus, webinar, conference calls, bonus, bonus, bonus oh my…are the thoughts that are consistently on my brain for last several months!  Success loves success!

In the next few months of 2015, I will be publishing my first best selling cookbook.  These will be recipes that have helped keep me close to my dear ones that I love in this busy world.  In addition to my first cookbook, I have other goals and dreams which I will write about while pursuing them.  I am a Midwestern woman who has moved to Southern California sixteen years ago only to accomplish my goals and dreams. The last sixteen years have been a roller coaster.  I actually thought I fell off of it a few times.  Unbelievably without being broken but bruised a few times. Ok so a few scars too.  Sometimes I ponder, “was that really me or was that an just awful movie that made no money?”  Let’s just say, Ironic.  Haha.  Thank god for being very creative, smart, and resilient.  I will never forget my Nebraskan roots.  They have helped shaped me to who I am today.  Therefore I know I am truly grateful and blessed.


PC by Eric Shemtov Photography

Unsettling Lucid Dreams


20140601_221622 This is the honest truth, I was awakened abruptly twice two nights ago by two different dreams.  I started out by heading to bed late because I couldn’t sleep before 2am.  I felt anxious and excited for my new work week.  I had hundreds of thoughts of what I need to do, should do, want to do, and going to do, circling round and round in my head.  I remember falling to sleep soundly finally and snuggled in my comfy queen size bed, ALONE.  Despite my bold letters of typing ALONE, I was content going to bed alone.  So sleeping alone does not inticipate me having terrifying and shocking dreams.  This I would think would help me sleep through the night without someone taking all the covers or room in the bed.  Glancing at my clock nearby, showing in bright numbers, it said 3am.  I awakened startled, staring at the bright numbers 3am.  Then I thought I was being thrown in different places in some room, being pinned down by an unknown entity in my dream.  While I was being pinned I trying to move but couldn’t.  I was being forced pinned by who I couldn’t see.  I remember I wasn’t even speaking or able to.  For some reason it was not an emphasis to be vocal.  In this lucid dream, I could see someone watching me. Feeling confused, I couldn’t exactly see who it was except I could tell it was a man.  A man with unrecognizable face.  My restless confusion made sure I would remember the dream upon waking up, hoping to analyze it more thoroughly then.  I would least hope so anyway.  Leading back to my good ol zzz’s, hoping I was not snoring.  Then again, who would hear me besides my Adorable dog who was sleeping on his own bed which was located on the floor near the end of my bed?  I don’t think he cared or even moved until later that morning.  Then again he would have had to bark to let me know.  Haha.  Not even sure why I even questioned snoring.  Maybe it would show I was in a deep sleep or just plain needing to sleep on my side for more of a restful sleep.  No, it wasn’t, I woke up again, middle of the night.  But I didn’t look at the clock to see what time it was.  Though I vaguely remember feeling restless and feeling heat on my legs.  This dream I was seeing the sky turn to colors of black and red.  The red was affecting my body.  The more the red shown in the sky, I could feel it heating my body, particularly my legs were being held down.  My body felt heavy and hot.  My mom & I were escaping into their home and trying to find my dad.  This home was not the home I grew up in.  I have never seen this visual of my parents home before.  I shouted, ‘dad’ several times as we briskly ran through their home searching for my dad.  As we went through the kitchen, I noticed it had a few lights on, one was handing close to the middle counter, the other on a lamp nearby.  As we went through the room, the lights shattered as the sky kept turning darker and feeling warmer. Then I woke up again with feelings of more confusion and fear.  I cannot explain why I had these dreams.  Does anyone have or know dream interpretations?  I would like to hear what you think.  Has anyone had similar dreams?  Maybe I have been feeling that someone or something has been holding me down.  Possibly I have been feeling I’ve been in a rut and this the time I am getting out of it.  Either way, I hope I don’t have these dreams again.  Now a shout out to having a restful and pleasant nights sleep!  Sweet dreams!